Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Byrds Book...A MUST

Lots of unseen pictures, detailed info, and much more.

The best Byrds-related book in decades.

Strongly recommended by Byrds Flyght.


Beechwoods said...

Looks like copies have just started to ship. Got mine and it's fantastic. Thoroughly recommended, especially if you are slightly obsessive about Byrds live shows (like me!)

Anonymous said...

rched and interesting. However, I would take issue on his drumming credits on "Notorious". "Change is Now" is clearly Michael Clarke's ragged style, not Hal Blaine, and "Tribal Gathering" is certainly not Michael, as he credits.Johnny Rogan years ago got the right credits for the drumming on the lp.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Hjort's book and left lengthy comments in the Gene Clark forum (with expanded version, as a book review, at and the Chris Hillman guestbook. It is very informative and I encourage all Byrds fans to buy it.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY HAD IT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! MISCREDIT - on page 287 of the book there is an interview credited to John Byrne of The William Paterson State Beacon. John Byyne did write the article, but gave no credit to Ken Fecteau who did the entire interview (the tape of that interview which is hours long is in my possession. John solicited Ken's help because he was a friend of Clarence's who spent a lot of hours with him talking music during the years 1969 - 1973). All of those questions about the history of the Byrds and original Byrds reunion and Byrds history (John admittedly knew nothing about the group and seeing Ken during a sound check, asked for his help) were posed by Ken Fecteau and answered by Clarence, Gene and Carlos Bernal at the Holiday Inn, Rt 23, Wayne, NJ. Set the record straight, John Byrne, you asked two questions about Bill Graham and Grand Funk Railroad. I've got the tapes to prove it and so do you. Part of a review of John Guerin's entrance into the group by Ken is seen later in the book

Fred said...

Note to Anonymous,
Thanks for giving due credit to Ken Fecteau. He was a close friend of mine and we have sadly lost touch. I would like to renew our friendship and would appreciate any contact info that you could provide.
Fred in PA.