Sunday, March 27, 2016

To everything there is a season, and for Gene Clark fans this is a time to reap.

To everything there is a season, and for  
Gene Clark fans this is a time to reap.

With the upcoming release of Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982, Sierra Records is poised to present what will be the most significant and comprehensive collection of Gene Clark archival material ever released.
It is an opportunity for us to hear tracks which had, up until now, existed only as mysterious titles in the back pages of rock tomes like Johnny Rogan's Timeless Flight Revisited.

Now you don't have to imagine how Gene would have sung the exquisite chamber pop of 1967's "Back Street Mirror." Gene's stirring vocal, long rumoured to be wiped or lost, will be heard publicly for the first time in 49 years!
Hear it for yourself!
And if this were the only track of such monumental importance included in Sierra's set, it would still be worth every penny.  But in truth, it is only one track of 24 (not to mention the other four tracks featured on the Bonus Acoustic Sessions set, making it 28 previously unreleased recordings in all!).  When one considers that the Ultimate Limited Edition includes the following highlights, then for Gene Clark fans it's an automatic purchase:
  • Gene fronting the Flying Burrito Brothers (with Gram Parsons on piano) for a spirited rendition of Dillard and Clark's "She Darked The Sun":

  • Nearly an album's worth of White Light-era solo songs -- recorded at a time in which Gene was arguably at his peak as both singer and songwriter then this set is, for Clark fans, an automatic purchase Gene's final recordings with fellow ex-Byrds Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke
  • Guest appearances by a veritable who's who of country rock, including Clarence White, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Al Perkins, Bernie Leadon
  • A never-before-seen DVD of a 1985 interview with Gene Clark
  • Liner Notes by Byrds biographer Johnny Rogan, Clark/Burritos biographer John Einarson and noted rock authority Domenic Priore
  • Received NOW a 4-song "Bonus Acoustic CD" of additional Gene Clark solo performances.

Become a noted participant in preserving Gene Clark's musical legacy!

Your purchase of The Ultimate Limited Edition entitles you to have your name permanently listed in the booklet credits as Production Associate.
By becoming a Production Associate on this project, you are teaming up with us here at Sierra Records to keep Gene's music and spirit alive.
Let's work together to preserve Gene Clark's beautiful musical legacy. Order The Ultimate Limited Edition now at
PLEASE NOTE: Because of time constraints, Sierra has set a cutoff date of April 10 for you to order The Ultimate Limited Edition.
There will also be an increase prices.

John Delgatto, Founder/President
Sierra Records

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