Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Lockdown Byrds Finds #4

8 mm silent movie featuring the original lineup of The Byrds.

The movie is called THE BYRDS FLIP THEM IN FRESNO and was recorded at the Radcliffe Stadium, Fresno, CA on Saturday, May 22, 1965.

The Byrds opened for The Rolling Stones at this performance.

It is a black and white silent movie (approximately 6 min duration).

From Christpher Hjort's book:

"The Byrds' visit to Fresno was filmed and later sold as a low fidelity 8 mm film in black and white and without sound. It was advertised in the teen press as The Byrds Flip Them in Fresno and sold on mail order basis only."

See stills from the movie, posters and details here:


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