Sunday, July 2, 2023

New album by Starbyrd

Our friend from Germany Horst-Peter Schmidt just released (today July 2nd, 2023) a new album by his band Starbyrd. 

It's called TRANSITION.

Once again, the music will appeal to all Byrds fans as it is full of HPS’ chiming 12-string Rickenbacker sound and harmony vocals.

Here is the track listing:

01 Rickified (Schmidt)

02 Aging (Schmidt)

03 Storm Cloud In The Sky (Schmidt)

04 Caught Up In Illusions (Schmidt)

05 Wooden Ships (Stills/Crosby/Kantner)

06 Friendship Is The Greatest Gift Of All (Schmidt)

07 Where Are You Going To (Schmidt)

08 Strabded (Schmidt)

09  It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan)

10 Childhood Memories (Schmidt)

11 Going Back (Goffin/King)

12 Russian Hill (Levy/McGuinn)

13 Song For Charlotte (Schmidt)

14 The Lady (Levy/McGuinn)

15 Soon The Summer Will Be Gone (Schmidt)

16 I Watch The Snow Fall (Schmidt)

17 Silver Moon (Schmidt)

18 Walk In The Park (Schmidt)

19 David Croz (Schmidt)

20 Chesntnut Mare (Levy/McGuinn)

21 A Legend In His Time (Schmidt)

Highly recommended.

You can get it by writing to Horst-Peter at:


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