Monday, June 27, 2011

Withdrawn Byrds pic sleeve 45 from 1965 surfaces at last!

46 years after it was projected and then withdrawn, a copy of the legendary picture sleeve single of " The Times They-Are A-Changin' " b/w " She Don't Care About Time " has finally surfaced.

It's up for sale (minimum bid = $2,000) at:

This JOHN TEFTELLER auction link was sent to Byrds Flyght by Byrds Collector Supreme WHIN OPPICE - Many thanks to him

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Chris Deschner said...

Thanks for posting this! According to all available information (taken from the "There Is A Season" box-set and Johnny Rogan's "Timeless Flight" sessionography) both tracks are the genuine first versions of these songs, recorded on June 28, 1965. This should also be the same version of "The Times They Are A-Changin'", which has been performed on October 4 that same year by The Byrds on US-TV "Hullaballoo". It was LP-version 3, that was recorded on September 1, despite some misinformation by Sundazed Records.