Monday, May 7, 2018

Chris Hillman Live 1977 CD to be released

Another one in the "grey zone" semi-official series of releases...but WHY DID THEY PUT A PICTURE OF BERNIE LEADON ON THE FRONT COVER???

Incredible performance in at the legendary Bottom Line Club

Includes the entire King Biscuit Flower Hour radio broadcast

It’s presented here together with background notes and images

Chris Hillman, live at the Bottom Line, New York on November 5th 1977

As a founder Byrd and Flying Burrito Brother, Chris Hillman was firmly established as folk and country-rock royalty by 1977. His Clear Sailin’ album appeared that October, and the superb performance captured here was broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Though he had recently undergone some personal setbacks, he’s on typically warm and virtuoso form, tackling a number of new songs, as well as classics by the Flying Burrito Brothers and others. It’s presented in full here.

1. Hot Burrito #2
2. Slippin’ Away
3. Take It On The Run
4. Rise And Fall
5. Love Is The Sweetest Amnesty
6. Nothing Gets Through
7. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
8. Fallen Eagle
9. Sin City
10. (Take Me In Your) Lifeboat
11. Playing The Fool
12. Heartbreaker
13. Witching Hour
14. It Doesn’t Matter > Bound To Lose
15. Mystery Train

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david said...

Bernie Leadon ? Just goes to show how much thought and effort go into these grey area releases. Get a tape, put out a shoddy product..