Monday, June 27, 2011

Withdrawn Byrds pic sleeve 45 from 1965 surfaces at last!

46 years after it was projected and then withdrawn, a copy of the legendary picture sleeve single of " The Times They-Are A-Changin' " b/w " She Don't Care About Time " has finally surfaced.

It's up for sale (minimum bid = $2,000) at:

This JOHN TEFTELLER auction link was sent to Byrds Flyght by Byrds Collector Supreme WHIN OPPICE - Many thanks to him

Thursday, June 23, 2011

John York new CD goes on sale on June 30, 2011

John York's new CD, titled WEST COAST REVELATION (a collaboration with Kim Fowley), goes on sale on June 30, 2011


1. Angels and Trucks

2. The Earth is Getting Warmer

3. East Coast Confidential

4. Flower Girls

5. West Coast Revelation #1

6. Psychedelic

7. West Coast Revelation #

8. Movin Out For Years

9. West Coast Revelation #3

10. Picnic In Eternity

11. Silver 60s #1

12. Halfway House

13. Silver 60s #2

14. Laurel Canyon and Topanga

15. Silver 60s #3

16. Rock n Roll Is Another Name For Freedom

17. Hangin Out

18. Queen Of The Blues

19. 21st Century

20. Memories Of Days Gone By

21. Japan And Europe

22. Sayonara

Recommended by Byrds Flyght.

You can get it from GRA Records at

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"New" album by Country Funk, featuring Michael Clarke, just released

Country Funk's second album was recorded in 1971 but has just been released in June 2011. It features guests Michael Clarke, Jock Bartley, Mark Andes from Firefall (next to a few others) on tracks marked *

A Place To Call Home
JJ Boyd
Smart Ass
Got To Be Gone
Susan Sky
Why Won't We Listen To Our Heart *
Music, Friends And Love
Cool Country Breeze *
People At The Top
The Dolphins
Linda Longtime
Goodbye, I'm Letting Go

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Byrds Box Set just released (13 CDs)

A new Byrds Box Set has just been released by Sony.

It’s called The Complete Columbia Albums Collection.

The box houses 13 CDs in 11 cardboard sleeves (replicas of the original vinyl covers) (11 singles and 2 gatefolds – Sweetheart Of The Rodeo Legacy Edition (2 CDs) and Untiltled / Unissued (2 CDs)).

Some of the covers are actual scans of used LPs, as one can clearly notice ringwear on the back.

The CDs are the remastered versions first issued in the 90s with bonus tracks.

There also is a 40 page booklet with all recording details (musicians, dates, etc…) and track-by-track comments.

Nothing new, but a nice object for completist collectors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unreleased Gene Clark song on acetate from Byrds collector

Acetate single - outtake from the "American Dreamer" soundtrack

Whin Oppice has acquired the original acetate of this unreleased Gene Clark song.

Hereunder is a picture this rarity:

And here are the lyrics:

Jimmy Christ
Nobody knows the pain I feel
From an old rugged cross
Or on a movie reel
When I sit there all alone
And my thoughts I can't conceal
Rhyming every word as if it
Wasn't really real
Jimmy Christ
He's been produced
And he's been spliced
He's been crucified
Do you think
He should be denied?

And finally, Whin's comment:

According to Johnny Rogan, Gene did three songs for the movie American Dreamer.

Jimmy Christ is an outtake. It clocks in at a brief 1:33, opens and closes with harmonica - typical Gene format.

I've not seen the movie so I don't know how the lyrics might fit.

Either way, the song could easily be Gene describing himself.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Andrew Gold R.I.P.

Andrew Gold passed away in his sleep last night Friday, June 3rd......He would've been 60 in August.

Andrew was a fantastic solo artist, but also a big Byrds fan, and the founder / leader of Byrds tribute band BYRDS OF A FEATHER.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Roger McGuinn CD goes on sale

Roger McGuinn’s new CD, a 23 tracks collection of sea shanties called CCD (get it?), will go on sale at concerts, at, at (and maybe at on June 3, 2011.