Saturday, August 22, 2020

John York's free streaming concert #5

John York's free streaming concert #5 (July 12)

Ex-Byrd JOHN YORK sings

"Good Ol' Car" (T. Donde)
"The Wind Cries Mary" (J. Hendrix)
"Glory Glory" (Trad Gospel)
"Rainbow" (J. York / R. Swedeen)
"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" (B. Dylan)
"Chimes Of Freedom" (B. Dylan)
"Dandelion" (J. York)
"Man In The Long Black Coat" (B. Dylan)
"Here Comes The Sun" (G. Harrison)

and plays 12 string guitar.

New Gene Clark compilation CD

A new Gene Clark compilation CD called "The A&M And RSO Years" has just been made available for download on various outlets.

A bit misleading as it includes tracks released as "Dillard And Clark".


01. Los Angeles
02. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
03. That’s Alright By Me
04. Train Leaves Here This Morning
05. Why Not Your Baby
06. The Radio Song
07. Git It On Brother
08. Something’s Wrong
09. Wall Around Your Heart
10. Through The Morning, Through The Night
11. Kansas City Southern
12. Polly
13. Dark Hollow
14. One In A Hundred
15. She’s The Kind Of Girl
16. With Tomorrow
17. For A Spanish Guitar
18. The Virgin
19. Opening Day
20. Winter In
21. The American Dreamer
22. Full Circle Song
23. In A Misty Morning
24. I Remember The Railroad
25. Hear The Wind
26. Silent Crusade
27. Past Addresses