Friday, June 28, 2013

JOHN YORK sings and plays on Chris Darrow / Max Buda new CD ISLAND GIRL on GRA Records

John York sings and plays ukulele and acoustic bass on Chris Darrow and Max Buda's new CD, just released by GRA Records.

The CD is titled ISLAND GIRL.

Get it directly from GRA at

Friday, June 21, 2013

JOHN YORK - June 22, 7pm, Coffee Gallery Back Stage - Altadena

JOHN YORK is opening the show for

(Sat.) June 22, 7pm, $20
Coffee Gallery Back Stage

2029 N. Lake Ave. Altadena, CA 91001
Reservations: 626-798-6236,
Friends of the Laguna Beach Library Presents......
Toulouse Engelhardt, often called the “Segovia of Surf”, returns to the Coffee Gallery Backstage in June. He is an award winning fingerstyle guitar “Monster”, who was the last member of the legendary “Takoma 7,” an elite group of fingerstyle guitar innovators that recorded for John Fahey’s Takoma Records from 1959-1976. John Fahey and Leo Kottke were his label mates!

“Jimmy Page meets John Fahey! Toulouse Engelhardt’s music transcends genres and is dazzling in it’s prismatic range of complex moves and emotions.”…Jimmy Page News; Music Industry Today

Opening the show will be John York, singer-songwriter and former member of the legendary folk-rock band, The “Byrds”. John York is currently touring with Barry McGuire, and has played with The Mamas and the Papas, Dr. John, Johnny Rivers, Rick Danko, Gene Clark, Richard Manuel, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Rolling Stones keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, and Blues legend Lightin' Hopkins.
"John York is the last pure voice of the Silver Sixties.".....Kim Fowley
Toulouse says; “Both John and I are really stoked about these performances. I am always honored to work with him. I have been a huge fan of his work since his days with the “Byrds”. John is a very talented singer-songwriter with a sweet, mellow voice and deep lyrical expression. John adds his thoughts: "What a pleasure to be sharing the stage once again with Toulouse Engelhardt. It's a chance for music fans to see the world's fastest guitar player with one of the world's slowest guitar players!
For more detailed information on each of these veteran performers go to:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New CD by YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY just released

YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY  feature ex-members of Gene Clark's and Michael Clarke's versions of The Byrds (80s-90s), later known as The Byrds Celebration (which also featured Gene Parsons and Skip Battin).

No need to say that fans of the Byrds sound won't be disappointed.

Among the songs, are:

- Gene Clark's GYPSY RIDER

- PIRATES, a Terry Rogers composition which is featured in the band's set since the Michael Clarke's Byrds days

- SOUTHERN CROSS, written by band member Michael Curtis and made famous by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Most other songs were written by the band members.


Left to right: Terry Jones Rogers, Tim Politte, Scott Nienhaus, Michael Curtis

with guests John Mondin, Lanny Engler, Bill Murphy, R. Scott Bryan, Madison Thorn, Teresa Nienhaus, Barbara Paulick, Catherine Decker, Tina Dialpaz and Pat Liston.

The CD is available from the band's website at

"The Real Macaws" CD STANDING ALONE 2011

We missed this one when it came out in 2011, so many thanks to Terry Jones Rogers for drawing it to our attention.

The Real Macaws feature ex-members of Gene Clark's and Michael Clarke's versions of The Byrds (80s-90s), later known as The Byrds Celebration (which also featured Gene Parsons and Skip Battin).

The Real Macaws - Standing Alone

Terry Jones Rogers, Scott Nienhaus, Michael Supe Granda and Tim Politte

with guests Rusty Young (from Poco), John Mondin and Jim Manley.

The CD is available from the band's website at

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Live 1973 concert by The New Kentucky Colonels (The White Brothers) now officially released

The New Kentucky Colonels’ famous 1973 concert at The Turfschip, Breda (The Netherlands), which was, until now, only available as an unofficial CDR, has been released officially by Roland White Music.

For this European tour, The New Kentucky Colonels were Roland White, Eric White Jr, Clarence White and Herb Pedersen.

The CD is available from Roland White at