Thursday, June 30, 2016


Dear Friends:
Good news for all of those who placed an advance, pre-order for Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982! It is with great excitement that we may now announce the release and start of the shipping date for the Ultimate Limited Edition, CD/SACD (aka Hybrid SACD)  and 180-gram vinyl sets is September 8, 2016!
Although we freely acknowledge that this date comes later than any of us expected, I would like to take a moment to fill you in as to the main causes for the delay. After reading, I'm sure you will agree with us that these factors were necessary and/or unavoidable in order for us to bring you the best-sounding, most comprehensive, compilation of unreleased Gene Clark material ever released.
Reasons for delay
  • Discovery of additional tracks - After the first of this year, we struck upon a clutch of extra tracks, specifically those that constitute the '72-era songs in the set. It was felt that the extra time and considerable expense taken to restore and remaster this material would, in the end, offset any disappointment caused by the delay.
  • Though we had the original 16 track masters of the 1982 recordings of "Nyteflyte", we continued to have audio problems due to the fact the tracks employed a now obsolete noise reduction process (DBX Type 1) causing unwanted, unacceptable distortion.  At the eleventh hour, Jim Dickson's original 1982 mix of these tracks were discovered in an unmarked box. These were the final mixes Dickson and Eddie Tickner submitted to try to get them a record deal. These did not exhibit any of the audio problems that were encountered with the now 30+ year old 16 track tapes.
  • Vinyl pressing plant delay - We were completely blindsided by the news that a previously discussed pressing schedule would not be honored. It was this final blow that necessitated our adjustment of the release date.
We fully understand any disappointment that you might be feeling about the release date. Believe me, we are as anxious to get this music to you as you are to hear it. However, we must stress that it was out of an abundance of care and respect for Gene Clark's music that we could not lower our standards and rush-release this collection of bona fide treasures.
In a way, it's fitting that this material will see release in September. It was in September, 1967 that actor David Hemmings released his Happens LP, featuring his vocal on Gene's "Back Street Mirror".
Forty-nine years to the month later, you will be able to hear the original vocal for the song, as performed by its author.
The song has come 'full circle' back to Gene Clark.
And fifty years ago this September will mark Gene's brief return as a Byrd performing at their first ever appearance at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood and followed by their engagement at the Fillmore West, San Francisco. Gene would leave thereafter to complete his first solo album for Columbia Records.
To the remaining of you who have yet to order, but have been waiting for whatever reason, the only way to insure that you can receive your copy in September of the Ultimate Limited Edition (containing the DVD Gene Clark interview),  just the CD/SACD (aka Hybrid SACD) or the 2 LP vinyl set, you must place an advance, pre-release order now.  If you wait until September, the prices will be increased, and you order will be shipped after all the advance, pre-release orders have been shipped.
As an even further bonus, two more additional Gene Clark studio tracks have been located and they will be included on a separate compact disc that will be sent in September, free of charge, with your regular order to everyone who has placed an advance, pre-release order by July 1, 2016. If you already placed such an order since February, you will receive the "second bonus CD". To place your order, go to:

Monday, June 6, 2016

SIERRA RECORDS Gene Clark Box Set update

In response to some common inquiries we've received, we've created the following FAQ sheet to answer questions related to upcoming releases from Sierra Records. If, after reading the FAQ, you still have a question, feel free to email me at
Remember to follow Sierra Records on Twitter (@Sierra_Records), Facebook and Instagram for announcements and information!
Q. What is Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982?
A. The Lost Studio Sessions is a Sierra Records compilation of 24 previously unreleased studio recordings by Gene Clark, plus a bonus CD consisting of four solo acoustic songs recorded by Gene circa 1970.
Q. Is the album a collection of rough home demos/crudely recorded live material?
A. No, these are not home demos or crude live recordings. The Lost Studio Sessions is a Clark connoisseur's collection of professional studio recordings taken from sessions in 1964, 1967, 1969-1970, 1972 and 1982.
Q. In what formats is the album being made available?
A.The album is available in 180-gram vinyl and hybrid SACD.
Q. I don't have an SACD player but I would like a CD copy. Is an SACD playable on a standard CD player?

Q. Are the booklets for the vinyl set and the hybrid SACD the same in content, etc.?
A. Yes, they are, the only difference being size.
Q. Is a purchase of the Ultimate Limited Edition the only way to receive a copy of the 4-song bonus CD?
A. No. Each of the purchasing options (ULE box, SACD, 180-gram vinyl) includes the bonus CD. For further info about tracks, purchasing options and ordering, head over to

Q.Can I still place a preorder and receive the lower price?
A.Yes, there is still time place a pre-release order and save some money.

Q. What happened to the Randy Meisner album? Will there be an announcement?
A.The release date for Randy Meisner Take It To The Limit will also be announced on  when the release date for the Clark album is announced (see below).
Q. What are the costs of shipping?
A.International costs for shipping,handling, customs declaration:

Ultimate Limited Edition set outside the USA are: $16.00 USD
Hybrid SACD: $6.00 USD
2Lp set only: $12.00 USD

Customs Declaration:

Bonus Acoustic CD: $2.00 for customs declaration
Ultimate Limited Edition: $15.00 for customs declaration
Hybrid SACD only: $5.00 for customs declaration
2LP vinyl set only: $8.00 for customs declaration
In our next newsletter, we will have part two of the "Making of the Gene Clark album" and will be announcing  the release date for Gene Clark-The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982.  This all coming next week!
We appreciate your patience to those of you that did place an advance pre-order but like the saying goes "we will sell no wine (album) before it's time!"  We still have a few copies left of the "Ultimate Limited Edition", first come, first serve. 

Rare GENE PARSONS concert in September 2016

Gene Parsons and David Hayes will play a concert in Davis, CA (near Sacramento and about 80 miles from San Francisco) on Sept. 10, 2016.

Tickets went on sale June.

Information is here:

"Gene Parsons is a guitarist, vocalist, banjo player, inventor, drummer, songwriter, arranger and innovative engineer. He is probably best known for his work with the Byrds and later with the Flying Burrito Brothers. Gene’s time with both bands came during their groundbreaking country-rock periods and his own solo recordings further solidified his position as one of the genre’s pioneers.
David Hayes is a bassist, guitarist, producer, singer, songwriter and veteran of nearly 5,000 stage performances. David is best known internationally for his work with Van Morrison, accompanying Morrison in more concerts than any of Van's other stage musicians."

Full article:

John York solo concert June 25, 2016

John York Solo
Saturday, June 25 2016,  8pm, $20
ALVAS Showroom
1417 West 8th St. San Pedro, CA 90732
Reservations: 310-519-1314