Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Starry Eyed And Laughing - Byrds fans, this is for you


This Byrds-influenced band led by Tony Poole has released a CD in October 2014; we’ve just been told about it.

It’s called FOREVER YOUNG.

The track listing should appeal to Byrds fans:

Roger McGuinn’s I’M SO RESTLESS,
Bob Dylan’s LAY DOWN YOUR WEARY TUNE and YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE (also on the Byrds catalogue),
HE WAS A FRIEND OF MINE (also done by The Byrds, this is the version with McGuinn lyrics),
Also tracks by Stephen Stills and Jackson Browne.
The 10 remaining tracks are written by the band members.

  1  Forever Young (Bob Dylan)  3:54
  2  I'm So Restless (Roger McGuinn)  3:24
  3  Miles Away (Whitmore) 3:15
  4  Dancing Slow (Poole) 4:06
  5  Givin' You The Blues (Whitmore) 3:31
  6  Another You (McGeeney) 2:33
  7  Jet Plane Rider (Poole) 4:07
  8  4 + 20 (Stephen Stills) 2:54
  9  (Just Like) A Weepy Movie (Whitmore) 3:50
10  Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Bob Dylan)  3:32
11  Propinquinty (I've Just Begun To Care) (Michael Nesmith) 3:10
12  I Thought I Was A Child (Jackson Browne) 3:26
13  So Tired (Whitmore) 3:45
14  In The Madness (Electric Version) (McGeeney) 2:54
15  He Was A Friend Of Mine (Roger McGuinn)  2:45
16  Strangers All Over Again (Poole) 3:34
17  Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill) (McGeeney-Poole-Lawrence) 3:15
18  You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan)  2:57 

This CD is strongly recommended by Byrds Flyght.

The band’s website is at  http://starryeyedandlaughing.com.