Saturday, October 22, 2022

New CD by McGuinn, Clark & Hillman available

Better late than never, here’s the announcement on this blog of the release in August 2022 of a CD by McGuinn, Clark & Hillman titled “Alive In America” on the Renaissance label from the USA.

This concert (recorded at the Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, Colorado on March 29, 1979) has been circulating for years on an unofficial CDR titled “Denver Radio - Live KAZY FM Radio Broadcast”.

Now legally available from all usual outlets.

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Johnne Sambataro and Greg Thomas.

Rick Roberts sings co-lead vocals on “It Doesn’t Matter”, a song he co-wrote with Chris Hillman and Stephen Stills.

According to some sources, Michael Clarke also performed with the band but the song he played on wasn’t broadcast by KAZY.


1. Sad Boy
2. Long Long Time
3. Little Mama
4. Don't You Write Her Off
5. Release Me Girl
6. Turn ! Turn! Turn!
7. Surrender To Me
8. Chestnut Mare
9. Stopping Traffic
10. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
11. Mr. Tambourine Man
12. Feelin
g Higher
13. It Doesn't Matter
14. Eight Miles High
15. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better

Desert Rose Band Last Concert - October 2, 2022

The final Desert Rose Band concert with Chris Hillman, Steve Duncan, John Jorgenson, Jaydee Maness, Herb Pedersen and Mark Fain took place on October 2, 2022.

Here are three pictures of the event, provided to us by JPM. Many thanks to him.


Thursday, October 20, 2022

New "live" 1976 performance by The Flying Burrito Brothers to be released in November 2022


We just learned of the soon to be released "new" CD by The Flying Burrito Brothers, entitled "Live At The Bottom Line NYC 1976".

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin, Joel Scott Hill

Sneaky Pete wrote in 2001:

1976 was a great year for re-iteration of the Flying Burrito Brothers having the opportunity to travel throughout the USA celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the United States. Though Gram Parsons wasn't around any more, Chris Hillman embarked on a solo career, and Chris Ethridge had just departed this band, we had some great guys that just happened to be real familiar with the 'Burrito' mentality. It all came together quite spectacularly! To begin, Gib Guilbeau was my life-long pal and Cajun guy par excellence. Gene Parsons, formerly of the Byrds, was he drummer from hell who lifted the excitement to the limit (and picked a great banjo and string bender guitar0. What can I say about Joel Scott Hill? A rebel? A reverent fanatic? A soulful and emotional artist? ALL of the above! Then there is Skip Battin, who just joined the band whom everyone loved and called friend who provided very original bass and vocal support. All these cuts are genuine items from a live performance at New York City's legendary Bottom Line club with all the warts AND magical moments. No fix ups and no apologies. Just real music and true enthusiasm. This was the way it was when he hit the road in 1976! - Sneaky Pete 2001

Attention! We don't know if this is a legitimate release or an unofficial one so beware.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Starbyrd has released an 8-CD-Box Set.

Starbyrd has released an 8-CD-Box Set.

It contains almost 10 hours of Starbyrd music!


138 tracks featuring the jingle-jangle sound of the 12-string Rickenbacker.

- 23 new studio recordings

- 6 previously unreleased songs

- 33 re-recorded songs

- 18 digitally re-mastered songs

- 58 original songs

The 26-page color booklet contains:

- an introduction by jingle-jangle columnist Eric Sorensen

- a foreword by Horst-Peter Schmidt

- a detailed song list of all 8 CDs

- color photos


Extract from the introduction:

Fans of Starbyrd should be delighted to cull through 138 of the band's tracks - including previously unreleased tracks, remastered tracks, alternative take tracks, re-recorded alternative takes and original recordings. 

The final disc in this box set is a sparkling collection of live tracks that features popular cover songs and several Starbyrd originals. 

Fans of the Byrds should be very pleased, since there is no shortage of jangly, mid-tempo Byrdsian tunes and a live Byrds medley in this compilation.

For information and ordering please write an email to Horst-Peter Schmidt at:

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The International Submaine Band “Safe At Home” album re-released in mono remixes with many bonus tracks (November 25, 2022)

The International Submaine Band “Safe At Home” album newly remixed will be available in glorious mono on November 25, 2022 on Sundazed Records, including many bonus tracks (see hereunder).

Vinyl, CD and Digital Downloads will be available

CD-SUNDAZED-5615 available November 25th 2022.

This all mono promenade through the seminal 1968 album by Gram Parsons’ International Submarine Band is widely regarded as the record that launched the country-rock movement and was the first album to spotlight Parsons’ charismatic vocals and visionary songwriting.

Often relegated to a footnote in Parsons’ career, Safe At Home remains a foundational text in country-rock, laying out the parameters of this new subgenre and influencing subsequent generations of artists, country outlaws, alt. country punks, Americana string-bands, and Nashville insurgents. But it’s more than just an artifact, and it’s more than just the first confident effort by a restless artist who was hailed as a hero only after his untimely death. Safe At Home is, at heart, an inventive, lively album crackling with energy and ideas and offering fresh angles on familiar sounds. The International Submarine Band approached rock with no presumptions and, more crucially, approached country with no condescension.

That’s even more apparent on the new mixes included in this edition, which isolate and emphasize Parsons’ vocals. If the original mixes demonstrate his close chemistry with the other players, these new tracks reveal the care and consideration with which he approached country music, whether it’s the profound ache in his voice on “I Still Miss Someone” or the desperation he conveys behind the taunts of “Strong Boy”. He’s not merely singing the songs, but interpreting them: plumbing their depths to see where their sentiments might align with his own experiences. He’s writing the rules of country-rock with each word, with each note. 

Featuring 12 bonus “Lonesome Versions”!


Blue Eyes • I Must Be Somebody Else You’ve Known • A Satisfied Mind • Folsom Prison Blues / That’s All Right • Knee Deep In The Blues • Miller’s Cave • I Still Miss Someone • Luxury Liner • Strong Boy • Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome? •  Blue Eyes (Lonesome Version)* • I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known (Lonesome Version)* • A Satisfied Mind (Lonesome Version)* • Folsom Prison Blues / That's All Right (Lonesome Version)* • Miller's Cave (Lonesome Version)* • I Still Miss Someone (Lonesome Version)* • Luxury Liner (Lonesome Version)* • Strong Boy (Lonesome Version)* • Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome (Lonesome Version)* • Knee Deep In The Blues (Lonesome Version)* • I Still Miss Someone (Instrumental Reprise)* • Strong Boy (Instrumental Reprise)*

Go here for ordering details:

Go here to listen to the full "lonesome version" of Luxury Liner"

Monday, October 10, 2022

New David Crosby DVD + CD coming soon


Live at the Capitol Theatre is coming to CD and DVD on Nov 25th