Sunday, April 24, 2016

Floyd "Gib" Gilbeau - R.I.P. April 12th, 2016

We are very sad to announce the passing of Gib Guilbeau on April 12th, 2016.

For a complete and detailed biography of Gib Guilbeau (including exhaustive discography), please Thomas Aubrunner’s excellent website at

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sierra Records News Update on Gene Clark Project

Gene Clark-Production Associate Credit Deadline!

Once again, a big 'thank you' to all of you who have placed an order for Sierra Records' upcoming album,  GENE CLARK THE LOST STUDIO SESSION 1964-1982 especially those who have ordered the Ultimate Numbered Limited Edition with full credit as a PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE on this important release. 

You’re now a part of that's album's history!

There is less than 24 hours to join the other Gene Clark fans in becoming a PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE with you purchase of the ULTIMATE NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION 

Place your order now by first going to  

There you will find detail information on the album and how to place your order for this special limited release which will end in matter of hours.

Along with this deadline, there will also be a price increase as follows:

Ultimate Numbered Limited Editon (no Production Associate credit)
$67.98 plus shipping/handling

2LP vinyl set only
$36.98 plus shipping/handling

Hybrid SACD only
$29.98 plus shipping and handling


We get questions about the Gene Clark release.  Hopefully this will answer most of them:

Yes, the both the hybrid SACD and the 2 LP set have the same identical songs, mastered identically,  analog ( 2LP set),  digitally (hybrid SACD).  

Yes, the hybrid SACD is playable on all CD players in standard CD format whether on your computer, home player, auto CD player, or even a Xbox play station.  But if you have a SACD (Super Audo Compact Disc) player you will hear the album in higher resolution closer to the original analog sound.

Yes, the booklet for the 2 LP set and the hybrid SACD are identical in content except for the obvious different in size,  one is sized to fit inside the 2LP jacket, the hybrid SACD version to fit into a compact disc jewel case.

Yes, the 4-song Bonus CD is included with all orders.

Yes, if you have already ordered either the 2LP set only or the hybrid SACD only you have the remaining hours to upgrade to the Ultimate Limited Edition  so that you can be included as a PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE and also includes the DVD interview with Gene Clark himself.  Just email us with your request before the deadline to:


The first in a series of FOLLOW THE PRODUCTION on our social media sites starting with a visit with Mark Linett, noted chief audio engineer/archivist for the Beach Boys & Brian Wilson on his work transferring and mixing the original multi-track recordings of Gene Clark for the upcoming Sierra release.

Sierra Records, P.O. Box 245, Etiwanda, CA 91739

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sierra Records news update on Gene Clark's new package


For the past month and half we have been accepting advance, pre-release orders for Sierra Records' upcoming:


We want to thank all of you that have placed your order! If you have not received your advance copy of the 4-song Bonus CD, please be assured, it is on it's way and should be arriving shortly.  There have seem some delays to Canada and Germany via DHL but they will be in your hands shortly.  We have been extremely gratified by the customer response to the 4-song Bons CD, both in relation to Gene's stunning White Light-era performances and also the many comments received about the disc's lush sound quality.  Later in this newsletter (see below "FOLLOW THE PRODUCTION...") we will have even more information on the actual release of the upcoming album. But first a word to those you who have yet to order.


Time constraints force us to impose a cut-off date of April 20, 2016 to place your order for the Ultimate Limited Edition (see below). We need to go to press on the insert booklet for both the hybrid SACD and 2 LP set. After April 20, a limited remaining copies of the initial run of 1000 numbered box sets will be available. After that date, however, there will be the first of two price increases going forward, the first before the album is released and shipped and the second, when the album is shipped.

Later in the Fall 2016, 2LP vinyl set and hybrid SACD will be sold through other outlets.

Order now at!

Sierra Records is proud to present the Ultimate Limited Edition Box Set (limited to 1000 numbered copies, and is almost sold out), which provides a unique opportunity for us to gratefully and personally acknowledge the loyal fans who helped bring this historic set to fruition. Each purchaser of the Ultimate Limited Edition will receive:

- 180-gram SIERRA HIGH FIDELITY Vinyl 2LP set;
- 24-track Hybrid SACD containing more than 70 minutes of music
- 1985 Gene Clark interview on DVD;
- 4-Song Bonus Acoustic CD;
- First-Run Limited Edition Holographic Numbered Vinyl 2LP & Hybrid SACD;
- Extensive Booklet for both the 2LP Vinyl set and the Hybrid SACD;
- Digital Download Card (DDC) that provides secure one-time access to MP3 files of all 24 songs on the album plus the 4 additional songs on the Bonus Acoustic CD;
- Option to be identified and credited permanently as a Production Associate in the liner notes to both booklet versions.


Head on over to Sierra's SoundCloud playlist to stream 11 of the 24 songs featured in the set, including the legendary "Back Street Mirror" and the Gene-fronted Flying Burrito Brothers' interpretation of Dillard and Clark's "She Darked the Sun".


Several of our overseas customers have expressed concerns about custom duties, etc. An acknowledgement receipt will be enclosed in each order, but no pricing/cost listed. USA customs requires us to list the "cost of goods" on the outside custom forms. However, those "cost of goods" will be listed as follows:

Bonus Acoustic CD   $2.00 for customs declaration
Ultimate Box Set   $15.00 for customs declaration
Hybrid SACD only: $5.00 for customs declaration
2LP vinyl set only:   $8.00 for customs declaration


In the coming days and weeks, we will share with you in words and pictures  on Sierra's social media pages (Facebook, Twitter (@Sierra_Records) and Instagram) for regular updates on the actual production of   


You will be able to follow the various stages of the album's creation - from mixing, DMM disc mastering, hybrid SACD mastering, printing and fabricating the album package, vinyl pressing, hybrid SACD replication, packaging, up to the day of shipping and pickup by DHL - before it makes its way to you!  We hope in this way you can feel more involved in the album's progress and also keep tabs on your own order in a more direct way. 

We are working diligently to answer any and all questions and getting this incredible music out to you as soon as possible.  For Pat, Earl, Tom and myself, thank you for your continued support.

John Delgatto, Founder/President

Sierra Records, P.O. Box 245, Etiwanda, CA 91739

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sierra Records Gene Clark package news

In its continuing quest to bring you the best in Americana, Sierra Records would like to give you the latest news on Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982.

Gene Clark is a star again!

We are thrilled with the reception The Ultimate Limited Edition has received thus far, both on Twitter and Facebook.  The belated realization of Gene Clark's brilliance has finally begun!

Blogs, chat boards and music sites are abuzz with anticipation after hearing the 4-song Bonus Acoustic Sessions disc that's acting as a prelude to the main event, coming very soon: 24 songs, SACD hybrid, 2x 180-gram audiophile vinyl, unseen interview DVD and much more!

For those among you who haven't yet ordered the Ultimate Limited Edition, what are you waiting for? Help Sierra Records to keep Gene Clark's music and legacy alive!

Production Assistant offer & Special Pricing -- Deadline April 20, 2016

You need to act fast! Until April 20, purchasers of The Ultimate Limited Edition package will have the option of being credited as production assistants in the accompanying booklet. But after April 20, the price will rise for these sought-after sets!

To order, head to now!

John Delgatto, Founder/President

Sierra Records
P.O. Box 245
Etiwanda CA 91739 USA