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May 24, 1991



Let's have a thought for Gene Clark; who died 31 years ago today

Friday, May 13, 2022

David Crosby retires from touring


by Best Classic Bands staff

David Crosby made it official in an interview on May 5: After nearly 60 years of relentless touring, from clubs to stadiums, he’s retiring from the road.

After being asked, “Are you going to tour anymore?” Crosby put it bluntly: “No.”

“I’m not, because I’m 80. It’s because I’m old,” he said. “Being on a bus tour is a daunting task. It’s very hard. It takes it out of you. I’m too old to do it anymore. I don’t have the stamina; I don’t have the strength.”

His recent bout with COVID also took a toll on him. “It has been awful. COVID is a very weird disease. It makes you feel absolutely freaking awful,” he said. “It has been thoroughly unpleasant…it’s no fun at all. You want to avoid it if you possibly can.”

Crosby has enjoyed an unprecedented career renaissance that began in 2014 with the release of his fourth solo album, simply titled Croz. Since then, he has released four more solo projects, collaborating with a variety of musicians and singers: Lighthouse (2016), Sky Trails (2017), Here if You Listen (2018) and 2021’s For Free.

Crosby’s six-decade career has included co-founding such culture-defining bands as The Byrds and Crosby Stills & Nash (both of whom have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame), and gaining entrĂ©e into the illustrious Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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