Monday, September 5, 2016

Sierra Records' upcoming Gene Clark Set - update

On the heals of next month's release of our highly anticipated album, "Gene Clark-The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982",  we are extending through this upcoming holiday weekend (here in the USA) the various sales and offers that would have ended on August 31, 2016. 

The 4 song bonus CD and the additional 2 song extra CD of Gene Clark will be still be available through Monday, September 6, 2016 when purchase either with the "Ultimate Limited Edition (with DVD interview), the hybrid SACD/CD or the 2 LP vinyl set.  These bonus CDs will now be shipped with the full order this coming month.  After September 6, 2016, only the 4 song bonus CD will be included with the "Ultimate Limited Edition". 

Also ending after September 6, 2016 for those who have already purchased either the hybrid SACD/CD an or the 2 LP vinyl set only, the UPGRADE to the numbered "Ultimate Limited Edition" of only 1000.  If you already purchased the "ULE"  you don't need to upgrade.  It is only for those who already just purchased either the hybrid SACD/CD or the 2 LP vinyl set alone.  But it goes away after September 6, 2016.

Also in previously newsletters, we mentioned that once the full album is shipped, no matter the format, there would be a price increase but with no specifics.  Here are now will be the new pricing thereafter:

Ultimate Limited Edition (numbered):  $94.98  (plus shipping & handling)

Hybrid SACD/CD: $34.98  (plus shipping & handling)

2LP audiophile vinyl set:  $45.98 (plus shipping & handling)

Remember, the album is actually two full albums worth of never before released Gene Clark music that also includes extensive booklets (full color 36 pages with the hybrid SACD/CD and full size, color 12 pages with the 2LP vinyl set).  If you order now,  you will save considerably from these new prices. Your last chance at the lower prices.  Just click on this link:

Lastly, our sale of Clarence White related releases has also been extended through September 6, 2016.  After that, it will be back to regular pricing though still lower than most other outlets.  Just click on this link:

It's back to work getting ready for the release of "Gene Clark-The Lost Studio Sessions 1964- 1982"


John Delgatto, Founder/President