Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recent Gene Parsons Interview

Recent Gene Parsons Interview (03/30/2009)

From Bill Buchanan:

you might be interested in this recent radio interview Gene Parsons did with a half-hour public affairs program called "Davisville" on KDRT, a low-power community radio station in Davis, California. (Davis is near Sacramento -- about 80 miles northeast of San Francisco.)

It's a community radio program, so it lacks the polish of a professional show. But among other things he talks about his music, the Byrds, "Gunga Din," Stringbender, the book and CD he would like to finish, and a scale steam engine he's building.

Go to and listen to, or download, the March 30 program.


Bill Buchanan - "Davisville" host (and lifelong fan of the Byrds' music)


Unknown said...

Great interview with Gene Parsons! /Dan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Raoul, sounds interesting..

pablo said...

I find it strange that Gene mentioned York, White and Battin, however, never mentioned Roger, at all, throughout the entire interview. Not once.
Were they at odds ???