Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Byrds Tribute Album from 1976

What would you call an album that has cover versions of 5 Byrds tracks, 2 Flying Burrito Brothers tracks, 1 Gene Clark solo track, 2 Gram Parsons solo tracks and 1 Emmylou Harris track? We here at Byrds Flyght call this a Byrds Tribute album.

But then, what about the fact that there is absolutely no mention of (nor reference to) any of these artists on the LP covers (front and back)? We call that a mystery.

Well, such is the case for an album that we purchased yesterday, after it was brought to our attention by Dave Gleason.

The album is by a british band that went by the name of Sioux. It was released in 1976.

Track Listing:

"So You Say You Lost Your Baby"
"Here Without You"
"Ooh Las Vegas"
"Hickory Wind"
"Renaissance Fair"
"In My Hour Of Darkness"
"I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"
"God's Own Singer"
"Time Between"


Jacquie Sullivan, Gary Travers & Gordon Neville with help from Chas Hodges, Phil Palmer, Dave Peacock and Gus York.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I was an avid byrd watcher in 1976 and this has never appeared on my radar. I would be interested to learn where you can buy a copy. Phil H


I found my copy in a second hand vinyl store in France. Seems very difficult to locate a copy these days.

A LISTENER said...

Well are you going to upload it so we can hear it too?


We dont upload music.

Beechwoods said...

I have a copy and it's OK. Some good stuff, but the worst version of Renaissance Fayre ever, dreadfully slow arrangement!

I assume that Chas Hodges is Chas from 80's pub-rock singalong duo Chas and Dave, and early 70's group Heads Hands & Feet.

Thanks for the tip-off Byrds Flyte.