Friday, March 1, 2013

New Gene Clark album released twice (download only)

A new Gene Clark live album, titled LIVE ON AIR, has been made available through download websites on February 25th, 2013 (Global Sound label).

The same album has also been released as 70s FM RADIO.

To our knowledge, it's a "download only" release.

Although no details are mentioned, our ears tell us that the tracks were recorded at Ebbet's Fields, Denver, in 1975 with Duke Bardwell and Roger White.

Track Listing :

Long Black Veil
Kansas City Southern
Spanish Guitar
Home Run King
Here Without You
No Other
I Can’t Live Without You
Set You Free This Time
She Darked the Sun
In the Pines
Train Leaves Here This Morning
Silver Raven

UPDATE 2012-03-03:

As mentioned by Byrds collector supreme Whin Oppice in a private e-mail, these two releases are merely rip offs of Gene Clark's Silverado '75 Live & Unreleased from Collector's Choice Music.

The correct title for
#7" I Can't Live Without You" is "The Daylight Line".

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