Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New CD by YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY just released

YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY  feature ex-members of Gene Clark's and Michael Clarke's versions of The Byrds (80s-90s), later known as The Byrds Celebration (which also featured Gene Parsons and Skip Battin).

No need to say that fans of the Byrds sound won't be disappointed.

Among the songs, are:

- Gene Clark's GYPSY RIDER

- PIRATES, a Terry Rogers composition which is featured in the band's set since the Michael Clarke's Byrds days

- SOUTHERN CROSS, written by band member Michael Curtis and made famous by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Most other songs were written by the band members.


Left to right: Terry Jones Rogers, Tim Politte, Scott Nienhaus, Michael Curtis

with guests John Mondin, Lanny Engler, Bill Murphy, R. Scott Bryan, Madison Thorn, Teresa Nienhaus, Barbara Paulick, Catherine Decker, Tina Dialpaz and Pat Liston.

The CD is available from the band's website at 


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