Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clarence White inducted into the Bluegrass Hall Of Fame

It has just been announced that Clarence White is the latest inductee into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame for 2016!

Clarence's daughter, Michelle, was present at the studios of Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction for the announcement.  The ceremony will be at the IBMA Awards on September 29 in Raleigh NC.

What a great honor for Clarence!  At long last!!!

(Info provided by John Delgatto from Sierra Records - Thanks John)


Unknown said...

No idea why it took so long.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Delgatto, since your sharing the news about Clarence White being inducted in the BLUEGRASS Hall Of Fame, wouldn't it be better to include a photo of him in the setting of one of the many Bluegrass groups he was in?? As opposed to the above photo which is from his time in the Byrds? ( a rock band ) Just an idea.


Anonymous...what do you mean? There's no photo posted in this article.