Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gene Clark Sings For You...or does he?

Our regular visitor (and long time pen- and cyber friend) Mike M. from England has just spotted on an upcoming release list that on October 13th Omnivore Records are releasing an album titled 'Gene Clark Sings For You' - the elusive recordings hopefully...but seeing is believing.

Update 2017/07/28:

Our visitor J.P.M. asked Omnivore about it. Here's their reply:

 "We do not have anything scheduled, so I’m not sure how (or where) that information would have originated from. May I ask where you heard about it?"

Update 2017/08/02:

However, a person very well known in Byrds cirles says...

"The GCSFY is coming out I believe before the end of the year. I believe there may also be bonus tracks."

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