Friday, November 18, 2022

Three « new » Gram Parsons albums planned for 2023

Three « new » Gram Parsons albums planned for 2023

Amoeba plans to release several Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris recordings in 2023.

Most if not all of these recording have been circulating for decades among collectors, but here’s a chance to get them officially.

It’s a “funds raising” affair which will only see the light of day if $50,000 are raised

As of today November 18, 2022, US$31,779 are raised. 

UPDATE November 22, 2022: 68 782US$ raised!

All details here:

Thanks to Thomas for the info.


david said...

It's rumored that Ameoba has a DAT of the Derek Taylor Farewell Party gig by the Byrds. Frankly, seeing the paucity that exists of live Parsons shows with the Byrds, I think that would be a much more worthy ( an interesting ) release than more of these rehashes that weren't very interesting to begin with. Just my opinion.

Dave said...

Agree 100%. I just listened to the "Lonesome Versions" and I just wonder why they felt the need to put forward Parsons' obvious vocal weaknesses.