Monday, July 17, 2023

"The Film Who Flew Alone", a book about the making of "Gene Clark - The Byrd Who Flew Alone"

From Paul Kendall, filmmaker of the movie “The Byrd Who Flew Alone” about Gene Clark:

Hello there

A little while back, with a big assist from two of my sons, I made 'The Byrd Who Flew Alone' - a feature length documentary about Gene Clark, who I'm sure needs no introduction. You may have heard about it. Or even seen it.

Sadly we sold out of the DVD last year, TV screenings have come to an end and we're still trying to get it up on one of the streaming platforms.

But what is available is a new book I've written, about the struggles and joys of getting the film made, with minimal resources or experience and very little help from outside my family and Gene's.

It's called 'The Film That Flew Alone'. If you might be interested in reading it, you'll find it here:

If you're not in the USA, you may need to put the title into the search box on your local Amazon site.

All the best

Paul Kendall


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