Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SIERRA RECORDS - Another world exclusive - You can now LISTEN to the "new" Gene Clark tracks on line.

Sierra Records is pleased to announce that pre-release, advance ordering is now available for

Ultimate Edition

There were some minor ordering problems when we launched initially but we have resolved those technical issues that affected some customers during the ordering process. We apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced, and invite you if you haven't already, to return to to complete your order.

We like to point out some outstanding features that you can view and hear

Gene Clark - A Man And His Music: Can be viewed when you go to the ordering page which provides a helpful breakdown of the various sessions on the compilation as a means of putting Gene's artistic growth in its proper context.

  • Head on over to Sierra's SoundCloud playlist to stream eleven of the 24 songs featured in the set, including the legendary "Back Street Mirror" and the Gene-fronted Flying Burrito Brothers' interpretation of Dillard and Clark's "She Darked the Sun."

Ultimate Limited Edition Production Associates deadline

Sierra Records is proud to present the Ultimate Limited Edition, which provides a unique opportunity for us to gratefully and personally acknowledge the loyal fans who helped bring this historic set to fruition.
Each purchaser of the Ultimate Limited Edition will receive:

  • 180-gram SIERRA HIGH FIDELITY Vinyl 2LP set;
  • 24-track Hybrid SACD containing more than 70 minutes of music, comparable to 2 complete standard CDs;
  • 1985 Gene Clark interview on DVD;
  • 4-Song Bonus Acoustic CD;
  • First-Run Limited Edition Holographic Numbered Vinyl 2LP & Hybrid SACD;
  • Extensive Booklet for both the 2LP Vinyl set and the Hybrid SACD;
  • Digital Download Card (DDC) that provides secure one-time access to MP3 files of all 24 songs on the album plus the 4 additional songs on the Bonus Acoustic CD;
  • Option to be identified and credited permanently as a Production Associate in the liner notes to both booklet versions.

Time constraints force us to impose a cut-off date to place your order for the Ultimate Limited Edition. Once we announce that cut-off date, we will have shipping date for the three items being offered on a pre-release, advance-order basis. Once these three items are ready to ship, there will be a price increase that will become the regular retail price going forward. The 2LP vinyl set and hybrid SACD will be sold through other outlets at a later, as yet undetermined date.

Several of our overseas customers have expressed concerns about custom duties, etc. An acknowledgement receipt will be enclosed in each order, but no pricing/cost listed. USA customs requires us to list the "cost of goods" on the outside custom forms. However, those "cost of goods" will be listed as follows:
  • Bonus Acoustic CD   $1.00 for customs declaration
  • Ultimate Box Set   $15.00 for customs declaration
  • Hybrid SACD only: $5.00 for customs declaration only
  • 2LP vinyl set only:   $8.00 for customs declaration only

We are working diligently to answer any and all questions and getting this incredible music out to you as soon as possible.
For Pat, Earl, Tom and myself, thank you for your continued support!

Thanks for your continued support of Gene Clark's music and Sierra Records
John Delgatto, Founder/President
Sierra Records

Sierra Records
Post Office Box 245
Etiwanda CA 91739 USA

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