Sunday, March 6, 2016

SIERRA RECORDS - More info about the forthcoming incredible Gene Clark release

Dear Gene Clark fans,

If you haven't already had the chance, Sierra Records cordially invites you to visit
the brand new site devoted to the release of Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions, 1964-1982. There you will find preordering information, full track listings, recording details, session personnel, bundle options and more.
For those of you who may have experienced difficulty while attempting to preorder (especially American Express card holders), let me assure you that all glitches in the system have been fixed, so head on over to:
to preorder Gene Clark - The Lost Studio Sessions, 1964-1982 Ultimate Edition set, which includes:

  • 180-gram SIERRA HIGH FIDELITY Vinyl 2LP set;
  • 24-track Hybrid SACD containing more than 70 minutes of music, comparable to 2 complete standard CDs;
  • 1985 Gene Clark interview on DVD;
  • 4-Song Bonus Acoustic CD;
  • First-Run Limited Edition Holographic Numbered Vinyl 2LP & Hybrid SACD;
  • Extensive Booklet for both the 2LP Vinyl set and the Hybrid SACD;
  • Notes by a trio of LA-rock experts: John Einarson, Johnny Rogan and Domenic Priore.
  • Digital Download Card (DDC) that provides secure one-time access to MP3 files of all 24 songs on the album plus the 4 additional songs on the Bonus Acoustic CD;
  • Option to be identified and credited permanently as a Production Associate in the liner notes to both booklet versions.

Thank you for your understanding and most importantly your interest in the music of Gene Clark!


John Delgatto, Founder/President
Sierra Records/Sierra High Fidelity

Sierra Records, P.O. Box 245, Etiwanda, CA 91739

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