Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gene Clark Sierra Box Set of unreleased recordings is shiiping

Yes, finally Sierra Records' release of the hybrid SACD of "Gene Clark-the Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982"  is out and being shipped now to all the pre-release, advance order customers!  They are going out the door as fast as I can ship them. Yes, other mail order companies are also carrying the Sierra release but at a higher price and the availability at those sites is extremely limited.  I know that for a fact since their initially orders for the album were quite low and they won't be ordering again until next month.

The album will be sold out this month!  This will be your last opportunity until after the first of the year to purchase the album at the current introductory price as shipping will end for the year on December 17, 2016 and not resume until after January 7, 2017. 

Place your order now at:

Every effort will be made to ship your order as soon as possible but I am up against Christmas and shipping will be limited as a result.  So order now to avoid the last minute rush!

Coming up next month is the "Randy Meisner-Take To The Limit" vinyl only audiophile album and more surprises.

Your support is needed now more than ever so that in 2017, Sierra Records can continue to release significant, some thought lost or long out of print recordings and more!


John Delgatto, Founder/Owner

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