Saturday, April 4, 2020

Two more unseen pictures of The Byrds 1973 courtesy of Toulouse Engelhardt - Many Thanks To Him

Pictures taken at the Byrds show at Boise State College, Boise, Idaho  1/28/1973, when Toulouse Engelhardt was on tour with them as the band's support act.

Update 04/9: we've had some questions about who the drummer was. The drummer is Dennis Dragon , who went on to curl his hair, color it blond and be a founding member of  The Surf Punks.


david said...

Thanks for posting these. Nice photos. Wish he had tapes of the shows ! Looks like it might be Jim Moon on drums. Definitely not John Guerin.


David, Toulouse Engelhardt is 100% sure it's Dennis Dragon.

david said...

Thanks , RB. JP was curious as well.