Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Chris Ethridge and Gib Guilbeau - More interviews by Jean-Pierre Morisset

Pictures courtesy of Jean-Pierre, taken when the interviews took place:

Chris Ethrige and his wife with Jean-Pierre and Jean Marcou (a well-known French rock journalist and rock writer – he co-wrote the first French language book on the Rolling Stones)

Gib Guilbeau and his wife.

More from the vaults of Jean-Pierre Morisset. Here comes the second part of hitherto unreleased interviews done by him when the revamped Flying Burrito Brothers toured Europe in 1975. This time, hear Chris Ethridge and Gib Guilbeau talk.

In this zip file:

Part one is the Chris Ethridge interview.

Part two is the Gib Guilbeau interview.

Once more, don’t expect high quality audio.

And don’t forget that the questions were asked by someone who isn’t Englishspeaker by birth.

These interviews are fascinating with many details unveiled about Chris Ethridge's and Gib Guilbeau’s carreers before this incarnation of the FBBs.

Many thanks to Jean-Pierre.

Download the interviews here:

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