Sunday, November 29, 2020

Firefall new album


One can say that Firefall has a rather strong connection to The Byrds.

Not only was Michael Clarke their original drummer (recording their first three LPs with them), but other original members Jock Bartley and Mark Andes were members of The Chris Hillman Band in the 70s, and Jock Bartley was a member of Gram Parsons’ Fallen Angels.

More, the original founder and leader of Firefall was Rick Roberts, who replaced Gram Parsons in The Flying Burrito Brothers and became the leader of that band when Chris Hillman left.

Rick Roberts was also a member of the Gene Clark Byrds Tribute bands in the mid-80s.

Firefall underwent many lineup changes over the years, always with Jock Bartley at the helm.

Since late 2014, three original members, Jock Bartley, David Muse and Mark Andes, reunited and toured along with long time member Sandy Ficca (since 1984) and, since 2015, Gary Jones.

Firefall will release a new album of studio recordings on December 11, titled COMET.

It is announced as "Firefall's first album of new music in 25 years".

01 Way Back When
02 A Real Fine Day
03 Hardest Chain
04 Nature’s Way
05 Younger
06 There She Is
07 Ghost Town
08 Never Be The Same
09 Before I Met You
10 A New Mexico

See and hear a Mark Andes interview and a preview of "Way Back Then" here:

Rick Roberts  and Larry Burnett aren't part of the reunion but they play together again.

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